Oo nga, anong meron sa tweet mo?

What tweet? The PI thing or all my other thoughtless tweets?XD

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awww thanks edz ha?? nagddrama lang kasi.. im havings self pity. shet. and u, what's with your tweet??

Awwww. Bakit naman, Gia? :( Hm, wala un. Isang inappropriate reaction lang sa isang bagay. :D

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What does it feel to be just an OPTION by someone else??

It helluvasucks.

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So I'm planning to movie marathon myself after the holidays. What movie can you recommend? :)

I'm also marathoning (haha wattaword) this holiday season and I happen to come across these two old film: It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. Both good. :))

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am i worthy to be loved?

Haha onaman! Bakit naman hindi, Gianna marie? :D

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Remember, remember the 12th of December :D

My NMAT result online. Results were blurred for the convenience of the reader.
I do not want to come off as the biggest boaster. :D
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yes, this is another blog entry that I believe needs to be started off with a shriek. :D

Remember last Dec. 12, 2010, I took the NMAT or National Medical Admission Test? And if you do, you might as well remember also that I had a hard time on the exam not because I'm boplax (street term for dumb in Tagalog) or something, but, I believe that if I had taken that exam a few years back (as in 4-5 years back), I know I would've aced it simply because the questions asked were from high school years. Any incoming freshman college or 3rd year highschooler wouldn't have a hard time in it. And since, I'm a year away from undergraduate studies already, yes, I did had a difficult time.

I actually remember answering the first half of the exam easy-breezily. It was a whole day exam, so I guess the easier parts were placed on the morning to give the examinees enough confidence that they are doing well - and uhm, intelligent. Well, that's what happened to me, at least. During lunch break, I remember laughing with my sis (orgmate) about the exam and we were kind of predicting how the afternoon exams will turn out for us. We were both laughing it off because we were not able to fully prepare for it. And we already knew that somehow, the questions will be super basic as in highschool basic, as in something-you-already-forgot-basic. And whoala! Upon receiving the test booklets, we were both right. The questions were indeed basics of basics.

Deep-down-in-my-bones-honest, I really had a hard time with that exam. I was merely browsing one question to another and not even thinking most of the time. Because, I really cannot remember most of the questions there, let alone, answers. I even finished an hour and a half early and was wishing the whole time to be just done with the whole of it so I can drag my butt home and just wait for the results 10 days after. In my mind, I was already bargaining for just a 60% result. Because you see, it isn't computed that easy - results are in Percentile (can't quite grasp what a Percentile is? Just please browse through your Stat lectures, it is difficult to explain). But in my heart I knew that I'll be getting 45%  or lower because of all the stated reasons and I can just count in one hand's fingers my sure answers per test area. So yes, I was kind of glum that day. And got glummer when I went out of the testing room - kids were everywhere and thrilled about the exam. Imagine, there was me, who barely thought through the whole thing and there were lots of 'em, talking about their answers, sharing formulas, and what-have-you's about the exam. Thus, my irritation was magnified 10 times, resulting to my sole blog post for that day. I went home thinking, Medicine School is really not for me.

And then this day came! Checking the exam results did not occur to me if Sam hasn't asked me about it. The examiner told us that results will be available online on the 24th so I was not really expecting it today at all. And tadaaaaaaaaaah! I was surprised with it. Words can't just express how happy I am today. Merry Christmas to me indeed! :D

This might come off as bragging or boasting, or any sort of that kind, but honestly, this really isn't. This is just a sheer manifestation of my utter glee and joy upon seeing the results. So please, just bear with me. ☺

What would you like to give this Christmas? :)

I love giving people things they can use the whole year round. Like a planner or an accessory, maybe.

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If you'e going to give me a Christmas present, what would that be? xD

All sorts of TEAs. hahaha Ang adik mo lang sa tsaa eh.XD

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How do you know when to end a friendship?

Sorry, but I just don't believe a friendship can be ended once it has been started.

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I can't quite remember what my day was like yesterday. All I remember was, I got surrounded by geeky awkward boys trying to be cool by showing off their wheels (which by the way does not reduce the fact that they are total losers), screaming girls, and all sorts of people with confidence way bigger than their heads - or bodies. 
Getting irritated this much with youngsters comes with aging? Well yes, maybe I am getting old. Haha Hindi ko na nga ata napansing nag-exam pala ako. Haha 

Do guys get intimidated to women who are achievers?

From what I've observed, yes, I do think so. It's a machismo and guy-pride thing.

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What is your impression to girls who never had a bf?

None. I don't think having a boyfriend is one good basis to judge a person. That's actually pathetic.

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if someone is flirting with you, what would be the best way to respond?

It actually depends on one's current relationship status and the likability of the guy.

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A Filipino first :)

This will have to be a first time for me - writing about sports (well, football, for that matter). I have grown up to be a sporty girl but Football is just not one of the sports I was exposed to,growing up. Although, my two brothers are Football players, I never had a chance to be on any of their games. Haha! And last Wednesday was a first for me to have to watch it (and yes, that includes me asking a lot of questions to my youngest brother as to the rules, and what's already happening on the game☺).  

Just last Dec. 5, 2010, The Philippine Football Team (named Azkals - a term used for Philippines' stray dogs), were all over the news. They were able to beat the current reigning champion of the AFF Suzuki Cup. And for a team that has always received belittling from all its competitors, this has really been a wonderful achievement - a massive one, even. 

One of the players' defining moment after Phil  Younghusband scored a goal
And I, as one of the instant fans of these guys - not to mention football - am, celebrating with their victory. Mabuhay, Azkals! You have undoubtedly brought pride and honor to our country. Whatever the results of the Semis this coming Thursday, all my praises are yours! :)

Dying to see their game because of a. You're a football fan, b. You're an Azkals fan c. Just riding with the flow or d. Just heck curious? Well, here you go! It's just one click away. :)

THE RP FOOTBALL TEAM STATEMENT: (gist) we have not received a... on Twitpic

THE RP FOOTBALL TEAM STATEMENT: (gist) we have not received a... on Twitpic

On blog hiatus

... well, not really. Haha 

I've just been overly lazy these past few days. 

I know, I know it isn't the best time to be so, but I don't know, I just am fully embracing doing nothing these days (even if I have to do tons of things, in actual). So, for lacking any more things to say, here are the things I spent more time thinking about than actually doing:

  • Having a haircut. I know I've been meaning to have one for the longest time because I'm already tiring of this hair BUT I just can't seem to do so. Not that I don't have enough money to have a decent one at my favorite salon, I just can't seem to move this butt to the mall. 
  • Giving the gym a visit. Well, I have ALL the means to have a work-out (not to mention, ALL reasons), but I just can't seem to go and give myself some exercise. I've been regularly (or, daily, that is) killing myself of ridicule because of my noticeable weight-gain, but I still can't manage to go and visit the nearest gym. In fact, I've been dreaming of Swimming, Pilates and all sorts of work-out sessions that I'll probably enjoy but alas, up til now, they're still lurking in my imaginations. Not that I want to be paper thin, nah-uh. One can never see me in that disposition, it's just that, I know that I've been sulking in this unhealthy lifestyle since I stopped working - sweets here and there, salty and greasy foods, less and less fiber from fruits and veggies, and the biggest culprit of all: HAVING NOT MUCH PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (other than to move around the house, watch TV, surf the net and sleep, that is). And to think, I'm a Nutritionist-Dietitian by profession? Hahaha Yes, I am not walking the walk. But believe me, awhile ago, I have promised to hit the gym tomorrow. I know it'll cost me a little body ache here and there considering I haven't had some exercise for the longest time, but I have to do it - not for that sexy body, but to just be healthy. After all, my body is used to rigorous daily training (Ah, High School life, why do you have to leave me?@.@)
  • Studying for NMAT. I knoooooow. This must be the most unforgivable sin I have committed lately, but I just can't have the drive to do so especially with all the temptations in the world (and for having no self-control)! Gah! I promise, I will really study for real tomorrow. I have no choice but to study. The exam's this Sunday already so I have like 5 days to prepare for it. Gosh, I can just feel the nerves already.

I know I have a problem - laziness. Hahaha. I will figure out how to get that inner drive again. And I promised myself to be up and about again after my exam. Maybe I'm just being overly bothered by the thought of it, I don't know. Basta all I know for now is, the rest of my plans for the coming days are set forth after Dec.12th. Haha So for now, I'll be embracing more of this relaxation.☺

So there, persecute me if you want to, but I cannot take back all those time wasted. I know I'll be regretting this sooner or later, but I guess all I'm left with right now is to do something about it - and  that's what I'm planning to do tomorrow. 

Out of the blue: I still really really, as in badly want THAT cam. Argh. Aside from dealing with this laziness issue, I still have to battle my way out of poorness. Hahaha So, in short, I have to really meet my set goals for this month to be able to have that buy next month. Wishie-wishie-wish-wish-wish!:D (Oh and yeah, I got new glasses na! Yehey! No more difficult movie-theatre-watching!XD)

Blessings are everywhere

Today is November 26, 2010. So that means, yesterday was November 25th? HAHA Yes. Exactly! But, I didn't just say that for fun (and look stupid) because as I realized what date it was today and realized soon after what date it was yesterday, my heart just pounded thrice more for joy.

Yesterday, November 25, 2010, exactly 1 month before Christmas, I received a text from my aunt saying that Enchanted Kingdom is again looking for kids to sponsor for their annual kids' treat. And, she also asked if I'm still connected with UP Thursday Club so that we can again help them in making children's wishes come true. In that instant, I knew this is going to be big. Having been able to participate once in an event as this, my mind just blew of excitement. This will be big not for me, or my org, but to those little kids who, sometimes don't even have the opportunity to appreciate the time of their lives to be just only kids.

I am just so amazed as to how God works. I just can't be thankful enough at how wonderful this blessing is. Being an instrument used to touch others' lives has always been rewarding. I am just so happy for this opportunity. I cannot help but reminisce our last participation on this kids' treat. It has been chaotic, indeed. Haha Imagine, we went there just after Christmas and almost all people around the islands are eager to spend away the money they all got from the aguinaldo's of family members and friends. 18, 000 people were there that day and we were one of those lucky ones. So just imagine, 5 adults, handling 25 kids in a stream of people. Hahaha And don't get me started with the lines we had to endure just to get these kids spots on rides! First 2 rides pa lang, we were literally out of breath already.☺Pero it was all worth it. The kids' smiles, their innocent wonder at how beautiful one place could be is just totally rewarding, and I wouldn't mind experiencing that over and over and over again. ☺

So now maybe, you might somehow have a hint as to why I am just so thrilled about this. And can I just say it again that this wonderful opportunity happened a month before Christmas? Oh! So cool! (Please read with Taylor Swift's excitement voice) Hahaha

Oh well, there's nothing like making angels happy even for just a while. :))

Wouldn't you trade anything to see them this happy? :)
(photo editing courtesy of Sam)

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if you are comfortable talking with this person, do you already like him/her?

If you mean "like" in a romantic sense, well I definitely have to disagree. But, if liking him/her as a friend, I think that's cool. After all, communication is always the first step in friendship, right?:)

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follow your heart or your mind???

I think one should be intelligent enough to know when not needed and be sensitive enough to feel when they are. So, I guess, it'll have to be a mix of both.

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Totoo bang your grades define who you are? :/

Definitely not! haha I know a lot of people who had high grades pero they're not in the place where they want to be. Grades can never make you fully happy. I say, party, get drunk (but never do drugs and smoke na rin), flunk a few subjects, and enjoy life. After all, that's the essence of being young - learning. And a four-cornered classroom isn't the sole venue for that. But if you're that person who can juggle well high grades and a wonderful social life, edi better!:D

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Pag nanalo ka sa lotto, ano ang kauna-unahan mong gagawin? :D

Siyempre magsisisigaw! HAHAHA Sino ba naman ang hindi matutuwang manalo ng almost 1 billion pesos, aber?XD

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My longest blog entry to date

I know I've had this long overdue post. Haha Sorry. I really became busy last week (believe it or not). ☺ So anyhoo, here goes...

I went to Makati thinking that I'll be having an interview. I really prepared for it, mind you. I can't be talked to properly the day before - as in I was bothering Sam to help me with that interview. It was supposed to be my 2nd and a big-time company owner's the one to interview me (geez, imagine my chills!).

Of course, when you are attending something important, you want everything to be smooth-sailing and you never expect anything bad to happen. It is monday, so I was definitely expecting the Monday hassle a.k.a. "Manila Traffic" that's why I left home 3 hours away from my scheduled interview (7a.m., imagine that!) but what awaited me was not in the least of what I was expecting. Of all days it could've happened, drivers decided to have a bus strike on the same day of my freakin' interview! A deirm bus strike! Gah! The traffic I dealt with was ten times more frustrating than normal monday traffics! I knew I should have hitched with my mom all the way to Manila. The traffic situation alone is horrendous, the long line that awaited me at MRT (Pasay station) added up to brighten my day.

It was really this chaotic that Monday morning
My solution? I taxied my way to the office and got to spend about ~200Php+ one way. I arrived there exactly 10am, all sweaty and trying not to look at all tired. Good thing, my interviewee was still preoccupied that time that I had to wait a few minutes more, so I was able to fix myself properly in time of our conversation.

Well, what happened after was not exactly what I was expecting. I know life has this way of surprising us but it really was not in the least of what I was expecting (and I mean that in a very good way). You see, I went there expecting an interview and what I got was a job offer already. Details of the project was immediately discussed, without having me to process it and think about what I am about to deal with in the first place. I mean, don't I get the choice to accept it or not? HAHA

So, apparently, I neither had the voice nor the courage to speak up that I am not yet accepting the project and I am still thinking about it, so I ended up having to start working already that instant. haha It was a whirlwind, believe me. No one expects getting jobs instantly with this world drenched with recession. I guess, I was just one of the lucky ones, or they were just that desperate to get the position filled.

On that day, I was so tired from walking and commuting and having to start working without my mind set fully on what I was exactly doing. I had no time to process and ponder on things. I just went with the flow, I guess. But on my way home, I had this private moment all to myself and that's when I was able to gather my thoughts completely. I know I have been constantly wanting a job these past few days but I have neglected this one thing that should've been my priority as of the moment - NMAT.

I have been long preparing myself for that medical school application I'm dreaming of. Pre-med course was off my list a year before already; even my licensure exam is. What I now lack is that NMAT exam to pass. Considering that it'll be this coming Dec.12 already, I had to decide immediately which will be more important - money or future? Well, as you all may know, of course, I have chosen the latter. My boyps was right - "Ano ba ang mas importante sa'yo, pansamantalang titulo o ang future mo? Masyado ka atang nasisilaw sa job title mo. Titulo lang yan. Hindi ba't mas maganda ang DOCTOR kesa SUPERVISOR?". And there you go, those were the words that made me cling to my decision. And yes, I do believe I am the first person in the entire Philippines to decline a Supervisory position.


After that dragging monday, I had no choice but to be up early that tuesday (even if it was a Holiday). You see, I had to write my first ever resignation letter. Although it wasn't as formal as one would expect, after all, I just want to call it that way since I did start working already, so I owe them to at least write a sort of goodbye letter.
And this was all that's left of your "presence"
 in our humble abode :)
I know I'd be receiving a lot of raised brows after this, but to tell you the truth, I did weigh the situation. I did a lot of thinking and this decision was no short-boiled one. And writing that letter was no easy thing to do, too. Well, I could've just texted and all, but I opted to just write them a mail to give them a better view of my situation and make them understand me more. I despise misunderstandings. And after all, I know that they'll be giving me judgments the minute they read that letter of mine, but whatever. That's the least of my worries already. I made that decision and that's final. I have no regrets about it in any sort of way.

Anyhoo, I thought that that was the least of my worries for the day. Turns out, fate has another unexpected thing for me that day. SAMURPRISE! hahaha! My boyfriend surprised me in time for our Monthsarry. Awww isn't he amazing? :) Click here for details about that day :)

And so, it was a great twist. After a very tiring Monday, my Tuesday turned out to be pretty amazing ☺

To be honest, my Wednesday was not at all remarkable. I cannot remember one thing I did on that day. Maybe it was the usual bum day for me, well I don't know.I just can't really remember. So, let's skip this day, shall we? ☺

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Yes. I do believe it is more than appropriate to start this day's entry with a shriek. :D You see, I've long awaited this day. It is no other than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' advanced screening! I cannot reiterate enough on how much I've enjoyed the movie. It gave me chills and thrilled me in a lot of parts even if I was already expecting all of it to happen. HAHA I must really congratulate the Director - the Cinematography was just awesome. And, the actors of course! They really did a great job this time. They've definitely matured in terms of acting. Kudos, everyone! ☺
Yes. This made me fall in love with the books, movies, and
 everything about it twice over!:D
Aaaaaand, to top it all of, I was able to watch the film with my bestest best friend, Karla!:D It has been a long time since we last saw each other and I must say, even if she's real tired, she's still one force to be with. Hahaha. I missed her and our long talks. ☺ I can smell a second date lurking around the corner! ☺

Well, of course, that day was not only a Potter day. Before all the fun and movie-watching, I did a couple of very "productive" things, so to speak. First off, I was able to apply for NMAT! Woohoooo! As you all know, no one in the Philippines can enter Medicine School without having to take the National Medical Achievement Test (NMAT). So, as of November 18, 2010, my path to MedSchool has officially started. ☺

I saved the best for last of my Thursday escapade - I finally got hold of my PRC LICENSE!!!! Aaaaah! The adrenaline I felt upon holding that envelope is totally unexplainable. Believe me, what I felt that moment is beyond words. After all the reviewing and hard work, I was finally able to get hold of that one tangible thing that can shout to the world I did kick-ass great!☺

Oh yes, here's more proof  of it! Mwuahahaha! ☺

Well, I needed rest, don't I? So probably, the best way to describe this day was a "Rest Day" for me. After all, I had three undertakings the day before. ☺ So yes, let us skip this day too.

Aside from a fact that it's a weekend and everybody loves weekends, Saturday last week has also been a fun, fun day for me. This was also one of the days I was looking forward to the whole week.

My high school friends has been planning to have an Outreach Program this coming December and the initial planning day was set to be this day. So, as you can just imagine, seeing them is really something to look forward to since I don't really get to spend that much time with them anymore. Plus, we'll be seeing each other for a good cause this time around, and not just for sheer pleasure. ☺ As expected, bouts of laughter aired through the whole time we were together even if there were only 4 of us that came. It has definitely been a wonderful day. There can really never be a dull moment with these guys. And it's always just nice to spend time with people whom you've grown up together with. ☺

The first part of our meet-up involved dinner (courtesy of my good friend Doña Gianna.haha!), planning out the outreach program, planning all sorts of other things (like gimmicks, out-of-towns, next meet-ups, and the list goes on. haha☺), and mostly, our endless blabbering about our lives. Hahaha. Well, you can't blame us, we can't just run out of things to talk about because, it usually takes us about a year before seeing each other again. Hahaha Oh yes, we are a bunch of busy people.☺

As we were about to go home, we all realized that we still do not want to part ways. Kung baga, bitin na bitin pa ang gabi. haha So, in an instant, we've decided to pick friends up and go bar-hopping somewhere in the Makati area. We contacted almost all of our clique but not one replied. Hahaha! Maybe they're all asleep that time. It was about past 10 in the evening already. So, we just instantly thought of picking up Alwin (since, according to him earlier that evening, he has no ride and we just assumed that he's just stuck at home). When we arrived there, we were right about two things: 1. he is indeed at home and 2. he is indeed already sleeping. Hahaha! Grabe nakakahiya talaga. We were like raiders of their house, picking up a poor sleeping boy. Hahaha! ☺ Well, amidst the chaos we brought to their household, he ended up going with us. Hahaha!

Cheers to more than a decade of friendship and going home early in the morning!hahaha I ♥ U guys :))
So there, for all those wondering what happened to me the week before, this is for you. Haha. It has been a blast week for me, indeed and I enjoyed every minute of it. Oh yeah! ☺

Two loves in one :)

The minute I saw the film, I've been meaning to write a review about it but I fairly knew that I wouldn't be doing the whole film justice if I do so. HAHA Sorry, it really was THAT good. Not only did I enjoy it (because I'm an avid Potter fan), but everything about it was just fantastic.

Actors: They really played their parts well. Emma Watson was the most outstanding, of course. She is really a great artist and as what Karla (my best buddy) said, she acted out the part where Bellatrix was writing "Mudblood" on her arms amazingly. Dan was fine too, after all, he is what the movie was about, BUT, his dancing moves were really nothing note-worthy.HAHA I say, let's skip the dancing part and just adore his good looks.:D

Effects/Cinematography: Geez. It was the best so far. Though it wasn't as action-packed (well, not yet, that is), it  was terrific already. I'm so much about cinematography and it made me happy that they really did a good job on this one.

Plot: Do I still have to go on and about that? The book says it all. And if the book was awesome, it then follows that their rendition was awesome. They did go all the way by the book this time. And that's definitely great news for Potter fans such as myself.

OVERALL: It was awesome. Period. And I can't get enough and wait enough to have more of it. These is just one of those instances where you wish you have that time machine to move about time and space as you may. The movie just overwhelmed me. I really have no other words but praises for the director, actors, everyone behind it. It was worth every penny and second. :))

On a personal note: I did enjoy the movie twice more because of my movie buddy - Karla. She's been my bestfriend since 5th grade and sadly, as everyone else in my life, we haven't had the chance to spend that much time together (because we had to take on responsibilities as young adults.HAHA). BUT, with time or no time, we still are able to somehow find time to let out the craziness in ourselves and just keep up with each other's lives. It was really fun to just merely talk to her about my future plans and what's been going on recently. She's always been a terrific listener and adviser. I just wish we could get to spend a lot more time together. I just miss being with her fun, crazy, usual self. And if you're reading this, I ♥ u, Karla. :)) Mwuah! We definitely are going to see that last installment together, again! :D

Just like the good ol' days. :))


I've waited for this for sooooooooooo long! I actually even requested her to come visit the Philippines through her website. Yes, that's how gaga I was over her. Honestly, she wasn't that much of a favorite of mine initially. BUT, after watching her 'You Belong with Me' music vid, I just realized I can hate her no more.

So, it really is a treat to know that she'll be having a concert this coming Feb.19, 2011 in Manila! Hurrah for that! Plus, I have an ample amount of time to save up (Haha! Another good news!)

Will you be my Valentine, T? :)

Sinigang na Bangus at its finest!

My day started unusually first, because I woke up early (yes, 7am IS early for me), and I have to do something that I have never done before - a resignation letter; PLUS, my body ached all over for all the walking and commuting I did yesterday with my 3-inched-wedges (I know it was not the best idea and I'm still suffering the consequences until now). So, as you can just imagine, it was not much of a great Tuesday morning considering it's a holiday. 

As I finished sending my resignation email to a couple of people, our house-help told me that there's someone asking for me. I checked the clock and it was just about 9:30am - I was completely dumbfounded. I really had no idea who would like to visit me that early. So, thinking that it was just some mailman, needing a signature of mine, I went out and got even more shocked at the one waiting for me at the doorstep. HAHA 

Si Sam! HAHA Nakakahiya. Sorry na, please. Wala pa akong ligo, wala pang suklay at wala pa maski hilamos at ang boypren ko ay nasa labas! Oh man, what a lucky day indeed. HAHA 

As I came close to him, he uttered these two words in the sweetest way I've ever heard - "Happy Monthsary!" and in that instant, my heart just melted and pounded with giddiness and guilt. Ooops, I forgot. HAHA. The good thing, though, he's foreseen the forgetting part (sorry, I've really been busy and preoccupied ;p) and what followed suit is a series of *kilig moments* - we watched a movie, ate at the nearest mall, and talked about a lot of things. 

My favorite sinigang - Bangus belly! :))
(What Sam ordered for me to eat. You see, even if I wanted some roasted chicken, I had no choice.:D)
Nevertheless, it was the best Sinigang I've had in quite awhile. :))

On a personal note: Thanks dear for that surprise. I really wasn't expecting that. It has been a fun, fun day. If I can only see you on a daily basis like before. But time's changed, and we have no choice but to live by it (and it's nice to know that somehow, we find ways on coping with it). :) I love you. Until our next date! <3

A fresh start is what I need (goodbye laziness and comfort zone)

Lately, I have been shunning these small signs fate's throwing my way. Even if I'm just here at home, nothing to meddle with but other people's lives, somehow (and sometimes I don't know exactly as to how), I am able to come across sites, movies, quotations, that I like to think, are leading me to this one path. 

The future is something so undecipherable that most of us often wonder and worry as to what it beholds for us. I, for one, am one of the many people who thinks about the future more than I do at the present. I am afraid of what's in store for me and that's one thing I am not very much proud of. I tend to worry more of what will happen to me tomorrow that I often forget to live at the present. I tend to plan too much of the things that I still do not have to begin with. I want a lot of things in life but I just can't seem to get myself make that one small step to bring me closer to those dreams. I have become so afraid that moving doesn't seem to be an option anymore - I tend to only succumb in my comfort zone making it impossible for me to really live and experience the world, and take risks. I know I want a lot of things in life but I'm not fighting a fare battle by NOT GIVING LIFE WHAT IT DESERVES - myself. 

Days of rest turned into weeks and now it has almost been a month. It is tiring to see the world go on without you. It is frustrating to see how fast other people's lives change and have only yours dwindling every second in one end of the world - your world. You tend to envelope yourself in self-pity and belittling. You even start to refer to yourself in the 3rd person to lessen that pain and shame by being so incompetent and of no use. 

Yes, I've been there, and I'm tired of being in that sole place. It is somewhere I wouldn't want to find myself after a few more days (or months, for that matter). So, thank you This Is for inspiring me. This photograph of yours spoke to me in more ways than one, not to mention the caption you have presented it with. These frustrations has got to end. These self-doubts and fears need to disappear. I am ready to take on life in a newer perspective. I am now more than ready to take a risk and try my luck. I am competent, I just lack that inner drive and desire to move my ass. Because seriously, what is there to be frustrated about when you do not do something about it in the first place? How can I be so depressed when I don't even have that courage to job hunt? All I have are these urges to get a life and own it but am not actually taking that step to really have it.

So, yes, world, I'm ready to take my take on you. I am more than ready to experience you. And I am now ready to make a move and take that one step.

highlight of the month

I have tried over and over and over to write the happy thoughts ringing in my head of today's experience. But like crappy reports, it gets crumpled and thrown in the bin over and over and over again also. Well, not that my previous drafts were really sort of crappy, I just find myself writing a different thought every time - something not suited for a fun-filled day. I just like the feeling to be immortalized somehow in an almost perfect (if not perfect) way. Hm, maybe I'll scratch the intro instead. I will just swivel into the details and try my hardest to bring into justice (in writing) today's wonderful day. :))

See, who wouldn't enjoy
 such a view?:D
My boyfriend and I have been separated (geographically, that is) for quite a while now. For two people who are used to be together almost the whole time, I think we are doing an awesome job with this long distance relationship thing. The first few days were horrific, I admit. We both just can't pace well with each other's sway but eventually we got a hang of it. I cannot say that we are masters of this craft, oh no, not yet. We have much to learn and the worse is yet to come for us, but whatever, we are ready to face it. We both have decided to make this one work and I guess, that's the most important thing of all. :)

Since for the past few days the boyfriend is finding himself too stressed at work, not to mention unhappy because of missing me too much (Haha!), we planned the other night to have an instant meet-up today. Although we weren't able to really set out a plan for this meeting, it turned out to be the best it could ever be. We met at around 1pm-ish and I brought him some lunch to munch on (since I already ate one at home). I had the luxury of just observing him eat in gaiety the meat-stuffed pizza I got for him. I just love seeing him eat with all the ardor in the world. I swear, I know not one person who can eat that heartily. Great meet-up start? Check! :)
After lunch (or his, rather), we got a lot time to cuddle and talk about what's happening lately in each other's lives. We did a lot of catching-up because hardly ever can mobile communication be enough to fully grasp and express one's feelings and daily takings. So, we did talked a lot -as in for 2 hours non-stop. Haha Okay, fine, I did most of the talking maybe like 75% of it. And he just laughed off my being so ever talkative.

Can't you just see how happy we are?:D
When we finally tired of talking and sleepiness started to get a hang on us, we finally decided that it is time to go someplace else. So, since my boyfriend has just recently declared himself Arcade-addict, we went to SM Calamba and played which mostly comprised of me, losing away most of our tokens. Boohoo! Haha

Our one day get-away won't be complete if there won't be a food trip alongside it. We happen to pass by this food stall selling all sorts of Japanese finger foods and bought some crab sticks, noodles, squid tofu, and something-which-I-have-already-forgotten.

I swear these are the closes things the foods we ate looked like. Haha

After his grocery shopping, we headed out to the nearest bus stop. He was just about to accompany me there until I ride a bus to get me home, but we were still not ready to call our meeting to an end. So, he ended up riding the bus with me to Alabang and we went to 2 other malls partly just to find this microphone jackI was looking for and mostly because we still want to extend our time together. :)

It has been a long day for both of us but I had a wonderful time and cannot reiterate more on that. I just have to say that Sam is that sole person in the world I can never get tired of talking to, be it for an hour, 2 hours, 5hours, or even forever, straight. There is just a lot to talk about when with this guy. One of the many reasons why I love him. :) This day couldn't have spelled P-E-R-F-E-C-T any other way that it already seemed to be a dream, only it isn't.
Cheers to love and happiness! Oh yes, kudos to that! :)

This day is for my dad :)

Without further adieu, I would like to congratulate my dad! Hurrah! Good job, daddy-yo. You did well on your interview this morning. :) And for that I give you this:

You deserve more than just this girl's "Congrats" :)
This morning, I was surprised to see my father in our living room, enjoying the day's paper in hand. Not that he isn't allowed to stay in that part of the house, but, 'it's 10am, shouldn't he be at work by now?' were my first thoughts.  So, I just shrugged it off, I thought that he might just not be feeling well and decided not to go to work. 
The day continued for me with my usual morning rituals - hygiene, breakfast and all sorts of things I usually attend to in the morning. The day proved to be pretty normal until my dad instructed me to watch TV in the bedroom instead because he is "waiting for a call". Being an obedient daughter (Haha!) as I am, I followed his orders and, about half an hour later, he rushed into my room with a beam in his face. My initial reaction? Brows raised, what else? Haha! Who would have thought that the particular call he was waiting for was of an organization he applied for. 
About a week ago,my dad decided that it's about time he gives more of his self to others, so he applied for this international volunteer corps. This morning was his preliminary interview and the good part, you ask? HE PASSED! :)) He will have a chance to teach farmers in Africa, Botswana, and other places on farming. :) I'm just so proud of him! It was just his initial interview, though, he will still undergo further interrogation (just for exaggeration. haha! ) to completely prove he is right for the job. :)

Whether you make or not, I'm truly proud of you, pops! :)

I guess helping runs in our family, then, huh? :)

Age is catching up with me

I don't know how, and when, but I seriously would want to study abroad someday (and I'm perfectly sure now's the time for that day I used to refer to only as "someday"). I want to explore other cultures and at the same time broaden my knowledge in another land. This has been a long frustration I need to put an end soon. I really need to make this dream a reality - fast. I cannot reiterate the urgency of this one - although learning does not know any fiscal number - just because I feel like I'm running out of time. The world is out there ready to be discovered and I'm letting myself get stuck in here for no apparent reason than laziness. Seriously, this has got to end. 

This looks like I'm in an Italian restaurant - and that wouldn't be bad if
 I happen to be really in an in Italian shop one day.
I have never wanted so bad my entire life (count not all my other material wants). This has been a big dream of mine for the longest time - alongside MedSchool. Yes, I actually did dreamed of studying Medicine abroad. But that doesn't seem to be plausible right now. The expenses here in the Philippines alone for MedSchool is horrendous, what more if I am in a foreign land? 

So yes, that's about it for tonight - I am dreaming and will still be dreaming of studies. That'll take me not only to far new greater heights in terms of knowledge, but of places as well. 

Scholarships, where oh where are you?  :(

that was fast

Just this morning, I was already worrying about me being too much of a bum lately, that I needed to work soon and experience the world as it should be experienced, and then this phone call came.

I  just got off the phone with one of our supervisors on the company I used to work for. She has always been nice. I've always liked her. She was even the one who interviewed me and showed most interest in me. In less than 2 seconds that we were talking, she immediately broke the news to me: "Do you have any work as of the moment? Would you like to work with us again? Would you still be interested if the project is within Manila area?". Woah! I was immediately bombarded with questions even before I can process everything. 

Is this really it, my dear God? The project will definitely last me until before I go to Med School. Quite a nice timing, if You'll ask me. Just the project I was hoping for to work on my Nutri skills. Oh please, please, please help me decide. And please, please, please make them really consider me for this one. 

Geez, my head's really spinning right now. I need to think this one through properly.

Job-hunt mode, officially ON!

Staying home isn't helping me at all. I thought I'd be able to rest for awhile and find myself in the process. But all I got were frustrations, unfulfilled dreams, and envy from accomplished people my age, among others.

Now I know what I need - and a breather is definitely not it. I need to experience the world. I need a life. I have been succumbing to this place for the longest time when I should be out there exploring the world. As young as I am, I should not be a home-buddy. I should not be a couch potato. I should be out there, making the real path for my future. I should be out there meeting people for my future web of connections. 

I therefore conclude, it is time to move away. It is time to find a job that suits me - not a self-serving one, as I have decided years back, but something that can help me help others in the process. Nutritionist-Dietitian, on-duty! :))


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way best (or good, for that matter) in making reviews for films, televison or what-have-you's. From time to time, it's just nice to give the world what I thought of things I experienced first-handedly myself. For the most part, this was just done for the fun of it.  Enjoy! :)

See what the experts have to say
Yesterday, I found my mom rambling about this movie - 'The Hole', saying how scary it was, watching it in the middle of the night on their bedroom and how she needed to stop watching it because THAT'S HOW SCARY IT WAS. For someone who thought that  The Fourth Kind wasn't disturbing at all, I figured that maybe she has this high standard when it comes to HORROR AND SUSPENSE FILMS.

So, as you might have realized, yes, I tried the movie. And was even eager to watch it (let's downsize my feelings a bit), since it's been a long while since my last movie-watching. And to be honest, the film got me glued the first few minutes (or seconds) of it.

The movie started with a family - a mom and his 2 sons, moving in a new town. The film showed how broken they were as a family - literally and figuratively and how disbonded they've been through the years. The film featured the estranged eldest son, being too hard on his mother and esp. younger brother; the hard-working mom who loves her sons deeply; and the youngest son who is just playful, cute and sweet. The two sons, as most brothers, or simblings, just do not get along well with each other (maybe considering of course, their age gap). The film also featured their newly-knit friendship with their new neighbor - Daphne (who is by the way, hot and whose looks reminded me a lot about Taylor Swift). Eventually, these friends find a bottomless hole on the basement, and that's where all their adventures started.

Seriously, that gist I just wrote was awful. HAHA. Forgive me, I just want this review to be plain and short (and I just don't want to spill out all the horrific details of the movie).

Anyhoo, I have mixed emotions when it comes to this movie. Initially, as I have mentioned earlier (or not), the movie caught my attention on its first parts - even found myself holding my breath and getting thrilled on some of the scenes. But, I honestly think they could've gotten away with that "moving family" plot. I mean, come on! Almost half of the horror films I've been seeing lately involves a 'broken' family, trying to have a brand new start and take on life. So yes, this early on this review, I must say, that's just how bad it was, not to mention those super cliche horror film scenes - like a clown scaring a boy; blood-dripping-on-face girl scaring people; crazy person who used to own the house - that I know everyone tires of already. So at the middle of the film, I just found myself trying my best to finish it, hoping that at least one scene will make my movie-watching delightful. Simply put, until the end, I found none. 

It was just a mess for me (that's just me) - from the plot, subplots, to the actors (I must say, though, that the little boy who played Lucas was the best among the cast), to the backstory, effects, set design - everything. Let's just say that the whole film's core was "ghosts of a person's past". And towards the end of the movie, I think it has given me that 'Jumanji' kind of feel; you know - where every cast has the opportunity to take part of some game and play it, although in this film, it wasn't a game, it was a person's greatest fear (and Jumanji's a far better and more enjoyable movie).

So there, as you might have guessed, the conclusion will have to be: NOT RECOMMENDED. It was just a total flop for me. Not even a dime's worth.  

Oh well, so much for breaking my movie-watching hiatus. Sigh.


For almost a year now, I've been eyeing this one particular camera and promised myself that before the year ends, I should own one already. But, come 2 months before year-end, I still think I cannot have one yet. So, I adjusted my deadline for myself. So, 'why not make it January since it'll be your birthday?' I asked myself, but thinking of it now, I don't think I can still have it by then. Poor me. 

If I'd be upgrading to a DSLR, definitely it'll have to be a Panasonic or Olympus.

So for 2 weeks now, I've been finding myself browsing review after review, blogs of prices and sample images of DSLRs and pro-sumer cameras. After days of pure hard work, at least I've narrowed it down to 2 camera brands. HAHA

This thus only translates to more working hours and saving. Geez, I really have to save up more to get one of these!

Skype-ing through the night.

Wow. I feel like it has been a long time since the last one. Finally, I am officially back on my part-time job. :) In all fairness, teaching English to Japanese has always been fun. I've always enjoyed it but somehow, I feel this giddiness. 'First day high'? Probably. I should shake off my nerves, though. In about a few, I'll be having my first ever student for the night. Woohoo! :))
And I'm officially back as an RJ tutor. :))

Having to do something worthwhile is good. Oh, scratch that. It actually feels, GREAT! :))

It started with one thing, which led me to another thing that ended with a whole different thing

My day started unusually - or rather, just not the usual just because I'm actually doing something productive today. My friend and I have finally decided that it is time to make a jobstreet account to finally find somewhere to apply to if not to land us work. So, the constant clicking and searching and reading, led us to bestjobs and we before we knew it, we were browsing through interesting jobs that we can finally call ours.

And then it hit me. I suddenly thought of med school and browsed on CEM's site instead. I was initially excited to learn that the NMAT will be held this Dec.12th already because at last, my initial step to med school's nearing fulfillment. Showers of thoughts and dreams transpired through me - after long years of waiting, my childhood dream's almost within a hand's reach. At last, I'll be within the comforts of studying again. But, like all other daydreams, it was puffed into thin air the way a child blows his birthday candles away. All the fears and doubts started creeping in. My hopeful heart began to sink and my confidence and morale were gone amiss before I even had time to grab them. I now fully realize and admit that I am in fear of the days to come. I am scared of Med School and all about it.

For the longest time I was quite sure of what I wanted with life - with my life, that is. I have constantly painted and repainted what I wanted for my future and what career to pursue. I have always wanted to be a doctor. I have always been quite sure that I will enter med school and in 6 years' time will finally be of service to my fellowmen. But why am I shuddering about the thought now? Why do I feel like I am about to run from everything any minute I am obliged to face it? It is quite queer, I know. And even as I write this entry, I still feel every doubt scarring the whole of me. I feel so incompetent and unready. I don't feel fit to enter that vast world. I am fearing the next few steps and the life I'd be faced with once I get there. 

I just feel that I will no longer be able to pursue all my plans. I have wanted to work while studying, to support myself, but after reading all blogs about med, of it being too difficult to handle, I started having second thoughts about myself too. What if I'm really not fitting for this kind of world? And then there's also the thought of "What will I do then, if I don't pursue medicine?". Having noticed that there are little job offers in my profession, I started to get scared of failure and the future, per se. And these little evil thoughts gave birth to another and another, and another until I can contain it no more. 
I guess there is nothing easy on this world. Not one thing can be achieved in a snap. I have to work my way through to get the life I have been dreaming of for me, my family and my future family. There is no time to get scared of all the responsibilities and hardships. After all, I've been facing quite a few and have came out better all the time. So maybe I just need to get a grip of myself and focus on my dreams. It is but stupid to throw away everything because of small, baseless fears. I have to try things first. And, if I'm really not for that kind of stuff, then that's the only time I have to rethink and invite other plans. That's the only time to change. For now, I have to re-focus and take things slowly, one at a time.
Every once in a while, it's nice to spill to the world
the thoughts I usually keep for myself.

Now that's enough for my thinking aloud. 

Chocolates can not solely symbolize love. :))

After such a surly mood last night, I made up today with heavenly peace and all gleeful bashfulness one can all gather up in one morning. Haha Too melodramatic. Forgive me, I've been deeply compelled to Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights lately. So anyhoo, before I stork to another topic, let me share as to why a sudden turn of emotions. :)

Friends and acquaintances will surely agree that Sam and I are not the sweetest of couples - in the public eyes, at least. And maybe that has been the ultimate secret of our relationship. We keep things cool, relaxed, fun and without boundaries. That's how we've been. That's how we are. That's how we'll always be.

This morning, as we were exchanging text messages (as it is rare nowadays compared to how we used to before because of conflicting schedules), he happen to share a certain commercial which he  cannot help but associate with me. 

Coffee mate's latest commercial. :)
After watching it too, I fully understood his fussing about it. Apart from it being a short, cute ad, it is no doubt us. "We" are that couple. In more ways than one, it epitomizes us. :)

... and that made me feel so much loved. 

... and that also made me miss him more. <3

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