The maid stories...

I've been quite busy these past few days, hence the ala-hiatus status of my blog. I've been meeting-up constantly with friends and doing lots of things on the side. It's funny how this summer changed me a lot compared to all the summers of my lifetime combined.

This summer, I have finally put my theory to the test. Every time people tell me I can not cook, do household chores, and all homemaking stuff, I always counter them with, "Hindi sa hindi ako marunong; hindi lang ako nabibigyan ng pagkakataon" (It's not that I don't know how; I'm just not given the opportunity to do so). Such a witty answer, don't you think? Bwahahaha Until the very last fight, someone kept pestering me about how much of an incapable future mother I'll become. So for all of you, here's my form of retaliation.

For someone who has aspired to become the best (future) mother/wife, it hurts to be branded as such. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of plans for my future and being a great mom is just one of it. I mean, I don't constantly think about being one on a daily basis, BUT, I make it a point that it's one of the end points my path is leading to. For the longest time, I have consoled myself on the fact that I have swept floors, dusted furniture, mopped floors, chopped vegetables, cook dishes, washed clothes at least twice my entire life. So, I think it's fair to claim that I know how to do all of them. Hoho

This summer, for the first time in my existence, we found it difficult to replace our househelp. Well, if you're following me on twitter, you may have encountered my post about our beloved househelp, Ate Jess. Her tita took her to pay-off her family's debts. I know it sounds cruel, but it's not as bad as it seems. She'll be back with us in two-year's time. So while she's away, we needed a replacement; but, somehow getting one is such a pain in the ass. Looking for a trustworthy maid has been difficult, if not more than frustrating. Just for this month, we have already been conned twice. It only goes to show that there are really a lot of poor people in our country nowadays who find it easier to trick people out of money. Anyway, to make the long story short, we still haven't found a replacement until now and for almost a month, I've taken the role of house-help in our house. :))

I never knew keeping a household would be this fun. For some reason, I find it fulfilling - maybe because I am assured that I am doing something worthwhile of my time. Yes it's tiring, more so, time-consuming, but that's the mere essence of summer vacations, isn't it? You have so much time to spare and this summer, I opted to spend it cleaning the house, ordering my brothers around (hehe), walking the dogs, cooking, folding washed clothes, and just about everything to make sure that the house is in order while my parents are away.

This summer has made me realize that I can really do all things only if I let myself to. And the greatest thing about this experience is I'm learning these skills and at the same time, about myself as well. It's not that difficult to love all the cleaning, I figured. There is still a whole lot room for improvement, but finally I got to test my skills on this field. I can survive on my own, after all! Haha I used to be scared of it, but now, can't wait to be a full-blown independent lass. ☺

Read between the lines.

It's not even about forgiving or forgetting.

It's totally not about getting back and vengeance.

It's more about self-respect - or whatever's left of it.

"Que Sera Sera"

For the first time, I feel all heavy on the inside but can't seem to muster up a decent thought or two. I can't even get the inspiration to write when I know for a fact most people will (given the situation). What a fucked up life. Good thing the maid has gone AWOL. I have lesser time to dwell on my feelings. What better way to console oneself than to bury all the problems with house chores? Cheers to allaying things one day at a time!

Readers, beware

This is totally a mushy, cheesy, call-it-whatever-you-want post.

Proceed with caution.

Don't say I didn't warn you!!!


I often spend my day daydreaming about....

...having a picnic date with you again (it's been years since we last did that)
...spending even just one day together without any work, acads or problems to think about
...talking with you under the shades of Freedom Park
...eating out at a decent restaurant with you
...our next travel adventure
...having long conversations with the imaginary you
...stress-free, carefree day for us
...sand, sea, sky, swimming, you
...permanent meet-ups dates trips
...long walks under the moonlight
...the rush of cool breeze under the stars as I sit beside you on a pavement
...simpler and less complicated life

I want all these and more but I guess I just can't have them at the moment. So, for the time being, all I'm left with are my thoughts and the need to pour the frustrations out.


So, as I was digging up our sites, I got hold of these. I don't know what is it with Januaries but it sure is one lucky month for us I think:
The wind was cold and heavy.. The night was quiet.. We stopped at the sidewalk to talk.. We both did a little talking.. She gave me more tears than words..
About 30 months and 2 days ago we vowed to love each other forever.. Along the way are struggles, pain, suffering, what have you.. We surpassed those.. We are happy.. We are proud.. I love her.. She loves me.. I thought we were perfect.. I thought love is enough.. What I thought to be just right for 30 months and 2 days is not enough.. Love is not enough to make this relationship work..
Between the line 'I love you' are spaces.. Spaces that need to be filled with responsibility and care.. Both of which lack within me.. I know for 30 months and 2 days she persisted.. She was happy but within her, she was crying.. In the end I realized that it was I who has a problem.. The only problem is me.. I cannot blame her for being mad at me.. I am mad at me too..
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in an opportunity.. An optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty". This is the time to look at things in a different way.. This is my chance to once again prove my worth.. Only and only if the door is not yet closed..
I love her.. And I am sorry..(Jan.18, 2009, 1:54am)
One of our most kadiri shots together. We do have a loooong history. Haha

CONTENTMENT.. A word which shoud've not existed?
(January 23, 2010)
As they say, people will never be contented. The word's existence in our dictionaries reflects how human aims for the ideal which is a strike to the moon so to speak. People will also look for better things. A better car. A better house. Even a better partner. And I was never an exception to this human nature.

Indeed they are right. I can never be contented. However, I still found some exceptions.

About four years ago, I met someone who gets better and better everyday. She never fails to make me laugh at her silly jokes. She always manage to bring a crack of smile out of me every time that I refused to do so. She gives me a double-beat whenever I saw her smile, whenever I feel her skin. She always break the ice out of my frozen situations. She made me fall in love and fall deeply more in love everyday.

I know people might call me a fool. But I'd rather be a fool than hide this evidences which clearly showed me that the word CONTENTMENT is not a fallacy.

I found my exception. I found you. I love you and I want you to know how contented I am

Ah, the breath of young love. :)) have always had that sweetness inside of you that just melts every teardrop away. Gosh, how many times can I reiterate I'm missing you badly? :(

You and your mad drawing skills! Crazy! Haha (Meet monkey cutie, Sam and I's stuffed baby)

And as I end this post, I didn't expect to see this. Another reminder that as difficult and tough this relationship has been, the element of laughter and fun has never left us. I just wish to get to be with you again for real.

Week 1.1

I may not have understood and approve of all your means, but I'm beginning to understand now.

It just proves your affection - how much you'd like to change for the better not only for yourself, but for us. Thank you. No one has actually done that for me before. And that's not the best part yet. I guess the best part of these all is being motivated to grow and actually being allowed to grow. There are room for errors, but there can never be enough room for improvements.

This may not reach you soon enough, but THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME ASPIRE TO BECOME A BETTER PERSON. ♥

Today's haul

To keep me from spending, don't let me near any bookstore, thrift bookshops and of course, book sales. 

The need and motivation to study is the best excuse to buy a couple of school supplies and stash in additional books for my collection. :)

Blame it to National Bookstore and BookSale

P.S. Today I spent more for books and supplies than clothing and make-up. My impulse to buy books is unbelievably stronger than my drive to buy toiletries and kikay stuff.

5-3-12: Peanut butter never tasted this good

Last Thursday, I met up with a couple of my favorite friends and hanged out at Mall of Asia. I came in earliest so I roamed around for a little while to find my favorite make-up brands only to disappoint myself and not find the exact things I was looking for. Oh well, I think I just have to scout Etude House and The Face Shop's Alabang branches. Well anyway, I met up with Krantzl first as she was out early. We had Chatime teas as we shopped for bags, make-ups, cookwares, books, and as we waited for Hanny. :)

Krantzl's order: Japanese Sakura Sencha Tea (photo courtesy of Krantzl Narte)
I ordered Chatime's Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea while Krantzl's was Japanese Sakura Sencha Tea. Mine was an okay drink but I didn't like it that much - it was too sweet for my taste plus I can no longer taste the flavor of green tea. I guess the red beans' sweetness plus the sugar overpowered it. Now let's go to Krantzl's drink. Haha I'm so sorry but I really have to be blunt about this: it was disgusting. I don't even know what to compare it to. Even I was surprised Krantz was able to finish it. Never again, Krantz, never again. Hehehe

Shopping with Krantz. I bought Kikay stuff and she bought cookwares!
One very dedicated food-analyst-in-the-making, indeed. :)

We were initially at Fully Booked and I was weighing options as to which John Green
book I'm going to buy but since I cannot decide, I dropped the idea. As we were
looking for a place to eat at, we passed by booksale and whoala! Look what I got! :)

As we were roaming around the mall looking for the best place to eat at, we stopped
by Auntie Anne's and Krantz treated us to this delightful pretzel. Best snack to ease our
hunger from all the walking.

After literally hours of walking, we finally have decided to try out an Indo-Malay-Thai restaurant: Martabak Cafe. We were not sure of what to expect of the dishes. I have tasted Thai dishes before but haven't eaten any Indonesian or Malaysian dishes; so I guess the thought of experiencing something new excited me and I must say, it has been the best decision of the night.  ☺

Lovely wall accents at Martabak Cafe 

Chicken Satay

Kway Teow Goreng

Tahu Isih

I'm used to the peanut flavor in Thai dishes but I didn't expect that peanut butter is also one of the main ingredients on Indonesian and Malaysian dishes. Among the things we ordered, I must say the Kway Teow Goreng was my favorite. It has the right amount of sweetness, saltiness and sourness (from the lemon in place of our very own Kalamansi ☺). The chicken Satay was not so bad, either also delicious. It was served with peanut butter sauce and was braised with its special sauce as well which I think was the best part of the dish. And the last (and least favorite) is the Tahu Isih - a stuffed fried tofu with peanut butter sauce. Although the tofu was cooked well, I just didn't like the flavors of the dish all-together. Add the texture of the tofu inside, eck! Sorry, I'm not a big tofu fan to begin with. I prefer it crunchy and deep fried. But all in all, the experience was great. I really enjoyed our dinner and the food was really delicious and cheap! Best bargain of the night, indeed. :)

The Lovely RND's (L-R): Krantz, moi and Hanny at Martabak Cafe

Meet my two friends: Hanny and Krantz - two of my best buds in College. I really missed these two. I used to do lots of things with Hanny most esp. and it was so much fun to talk with them about everything! Until next time, dearies. I am betting this is one of the many more dinner dates to come. ♥

Guess what...

I think I'm about to flip...

It's that itch I can't help but scratch;
more like a withdrawal syndrome addicts feel;
or like mania, depression, hope and faith all at the same time.

It's crazy and I have to deal with it. It's unhealthy and it has to stop.

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