My last love letter

If there's one thing I'd like to be thankful about all these, it's that, I'm not the one left with all the regrets. It may be deeply painful now, but I'm somehow glad that I know I have done everything that I could have possibly done to fix and keep the relationship.I know I have done my part - mine and more. I guess, it's safe to say that at least I'm not the one left with the "what if's".

Believe me when I say I believed you when you said you love me and that has never changed; I believed you when you said you'll take everything back if you could only do so; when you said that you'll make things right when you already have the courage in you. I still believe in you. And I believe that this person who you think you are right now is not your best self for I have seen him and for more than 6 years he completed my life.

But what is done is done, there's no turning back now. We've already said our goodbyes we're capable of uttering at the moment. I felt your pain as you felt mine. No one knows what the future will bring but I know deep in my heart that there will come a time when our paths will converge again. I still have not lost that hope and I know you have not as well. No one can say if our time has already passed or our time is yet to come. Only God can tell. For now, I guess we know how much we've both lost, how much has been said and done. Let's keep it at that. Healing takes time and I acknowledge the fact that it is not I who's been the only one hurt.

So let me take this opportunity as well to thank you for everything. I have told you countless times that I have grown so much this year as a person than all of my lifetime combined. I have learned a lot. And this is something I have yet to learn, but as what I have promised you, I will try. Goodbye, Sam. Please believe me when I say too, that all I've ever wanted for you is to be truly happy. And for the last time, I love you.


Nothing can be sweeter than sweets, itself

It's nice to indulge esp when in the bad you 
no longer want to dwell


For in life at times we forget who we used to be
from thinking too much on who we're supposed to be. 

Nocciola Gateau 
Caramella Premia

Pistaccio Cioccolato

Pause. Take a moment, breathe in, and you'll see,
It's easier to live when in doubts your mind is free.

Caramia, Robinson's Malate.

Satisfied customers, we are.

P.S. Thank you Lord for a great day. Thank you for the grade in Surgery and all the blessings that you bestowed upon me. Today, you have made me realize even more that not a single misfortune defines a person.


Let's just say that this week has not been one of the best, not one of the good, and not even one of the so-so either. Haha It would've crushed my old self, then, but right now, I guess I'm too adamant on changing my old ways.

As far as I'm concerned, I have received the best advice this week. "Well, that sucks I know," he said, "but I guess that'll just depend on how you'll look at things. A normal person will look at it plainly and say,'You're at the bottom'. But a wise person will look at it differently and see that you're on top. It just depends on your perspective."

And I guess, it is. It all is. Thanks for this, Mr. Navalez. I can't thank you enough, actually. Upside-down, it is, then! No wonder all children always seem to be so happy - they never fail to amuse themselves with life's complexities. :)

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