Ice and Dreams

Today I learned about Mao Asada, the Japanese figure skater champion. I don't know much about figure skating (I don't even know how to skate, for that matter), but man, this girl sure is good! I was able to only watch 2 videos of her and I can't help but notice that she is very graceful and she moves with such fluidity and precision. Just superb. From ~10minutes of skating video, I must say I already adore her. I'm a fan!

Speaking of Olympics, Gymnastics, one of the all-time famous girl sports in the world, has been a childhood frustration of mine. Haha I remember wanting to learn gymnastics at an early age but since there weren't any gymnastics school in ParaƱaque that time, I ended up with ballet instead. Who knows, I could have ended up being an Olympic medalist myself had I pursued that path. Hahaha 

Helluva Traveler

Don't let the title fool you. I'm really not one, honestly. Being a traveler would mean fearless commute sessions, marvelous visio-spatial memory, and in constant lookout for that natural high adventures bring. I'm not all of those. And maybe now's still not the time to be even one of those. But, traveler or not, I was in 4 places last Saturday and unbelievably spent some time in each.

The adventure (sort of) started in Puerto Galera. It was my last day for that stay and was having trouble saying goodbye. No one can't blame me, actually. Sam and I haven't been spending that much time together lately because of all the reasons in the world and have decided to take a leave and just take a vacation. But since time immemorial, bad luck seems to love me that every time I visit, I sort of pocket rain with me. So whoala, my whole stay there, it was raining. And mind you, it has been one heavy shower of raindrops. So anyhoo, yes, it was my last day, morning, and breakfast in Puerto Galera. And by 10:45am I was aboard a boat, sailing towards Batangas port and of course, the sun is shining already above me. And just between you and me, a sun tan is kind of a little too late. *Sigh*

I arrived in Batangas around 11:30am and spent the whole time in that area travelling on-board a bus this time. I haven't slept much during that travel. I was kind of thinking more of the things that passed and the things to come so yes, I pretty much had a lot in mind.

Then, I spent a couple of minutes in Manila, fixed a couple of things at the dorm, got rid of some and then another couple of minutes to relish the aircondition before hitting the sunny streets again. And the last place of course is Cavite (which is where I'm at as I'm writing this post).

So there you have it, the adventures and misadventures of this ole miss last March 24,2012.


As I sat there staring at the vast sky, I realized one thing: I NEED A CHANGE OF SCENERY. It has been awhile since I enjoyed and was contented. There was a time that I enjoyed everyday of my life no matter how difficult circumstances were. I miss that. And the blue sky and sea brought me back that longing. Certainly, I am at loss right now - I am frightened at how unpredictable and shady the future is. I am miss planner. I never leave my bed without having a clear-cut idea of what I'm doing for the day and the days to come. Heck, I had plans even during my bummest days. And so, naturally, this little missy inside me is panicking and fearful for the lack of one. Somehow along the way I have lost the sense of purpose. And I know it's not good. With this age and the world passing by me, time is definitely of the essence. And knowing that I have already wasted a whole lot of it trying to figure out my place in the world, is not very comforting. So maybe, just maybe, I need more skies and more seas and more staring to finally figure out what to do.

Taken during my first Puerto Galera trip (Feb, 2011)


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