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"The whole of life becomes an act of letting go but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye"
- Martel, Pi
Life of Pi (Movie), 2013

Burp!: A Photo Blog

As I was reminiscing the day's fun moments, this song was literally playing on my mind. It has been such a fun and fulfilling day. I really had fun. I have nothing but thanks for this amazing experience! :)

So, my friends and I attended the Best Food Forward Food Bazaar at NBC Tent, awhile ago. I had tons of fun tasting the samplers and going around the booths. There were fewer cuisines and booths than what I expected, though. But all in all, it has been a fun day. I can't wait to attend next month's Yummy Eats!

Here are some of today's highlights:

Welcome to this year's Best Food Forward Food Bazaar! :)

Enjoying some late lunch goodness with Krantz, Vic and Steph (L-R)
Lookie! Minion cupcakes :)))

One of the many ovely cupcake towers

This by far is the most interesting cupcake I've seen. Calamansi-flavored!
I wonder if it's any good.

Of course the chili flavored chocolate will always be a fave. :3

I swear by Simply Pie's pies and Quiches. It's really goooooood

All these nuts is making me nuts! Hahahaha

Classic cheesy Philly sandwich, I think?

This is my fave mouse as of the moment. Earl Grey Mouse!

Meet Krantz, my food expert buddie. <3

Such a picturesque view, no? No, this isn't LA nor Miami :3

Stolen. Mehehehe :3

Frappes courtesy of Krantz. Thank youuuu :3

Meet Coco, the most well-behaved Husky I've ever met. I swear
I'd marry a guy who'd give me a husky or Akita Inu. <3

Fave shot of the night <3

Some interesting parts of Figaro, High Street

Lovely wall paintings with that Panama feel.

Yes mocha, I will always stay true to you. Charot. Haha

Salmon/tuna Basil? I"m not sure.

Siyempre, kelangang mag-inarte so I have an #OOTD shot. :3

Easy Breezy

First off, I want to give myself a pat on the back for having been able to run nonstop for more than 20 minutes yesterday. Yey me! It was a first, let me tell you all. Haha Well, I sort of have this breathing problem every time I run that I always seem to be too conscious of my breathing and tend to not breathe normally. Does that make sense? I hope it does. Hahaha Well, for the longest time, I have been trying to fathom the proper way of breathing whilst running that I even asked my marathon-running friends about it. Crazy? I know. Sorry for that. Hahaha Well anyway, yesterday, whoala! I was able to to figure out not only breathing properly, but jogging without pausing. Such a feat. I'm so proud. Hahahahaha

It takes around 20 minutes by foot to get to the place I'm comfortable running at. It's a bit far from our house and I prefer walking which also serves as a warm-up. All in all, I spent more than an hour to-, back-, and jogging at Ponticelli. Ha! I still feel marvelous until now.

I guess the sky has to do something with it. I got too busy looking up the magnificent vast space above that I haven't had time to worry about breathing. Best thing that happened yesterday, if you were to ask me. :) Anyway, here are some snippets of my work-out chronicles. :)

This has to be my favorite shot yesterday. Lookie! The sky's red :)

 The red sky being more pronounced

 Some hues of lavender were present too!

 Sunset during the first work-out day. I simply love the province

 Some more of the pretty sky and look, this time it's pink!

Simple things like these help make me appreciate life more.
Who am I to give up when everything's just this beautiful?
God must really be awesome.

I just thought that this post just gotta have some music to back it up. And well, hey guys, I really loved this rendition of Put Your Records On. Such a wonderful song with such amazing artists to sing it with. This video has got me repeatedly listening to it on the loooooooop. So cute. So girly. Just flimsy. Nuff said. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

Caroline Glaser and Danielle Bradbery battling it all out on The Voice Season 4 :)

Hay. Life is beautiful. I feel so blessed. Thank you, Lord for sunsets here in the Philippines are always beyond amazing. :)

A trusting heart

And I thank God for giving me the news today rather than weeks or months back. Else, I wouldn't have had this strength I have right now. Today was proof that we create our own demons and the thing we fear most is only what our mind creates. Thank You Lord. I know You have a bigger and better plan than what I have ever imagined for myself.

In other news, this marks a new feat. Goodbye, hair! 😊


Life hits us in the most unlikely time and places.

I had an epiphany awhile ago. Actually, I've been meaning to have one (as if I can force it out of happening) since last Friday. I kept trying to find answers to questions I've had for the longest time - keys to problems and just all I'm going through right now. I even found myself looking out the buses and jeepney windows I've been riding on the whole time I was on vacation but yes, none came. Until, awhile ago, as I was en route Cavite, everything started to become clear. I don't know why God has chosen to give me those realizations while I was on a public van, trying to stretch the last few minutes of my 'vacay'. But anyhow, I felt as if a big burden was lifted from my chest. I somehow felt renewed and light. I know I'm not making any sense to any of you reading this, but that's just how I feel even up to now.

I feel I can take on anything again.

It's a nice feeling to have my strength back. After the past few weeks, I didn't know I still have it. I was ready to give it all up. Until awhile ago, I realized, that the world is full of possibilities and I still have a lot to offer it despite my failures, shortcomings and tragedies. Amazingly, I was finally able to visualize concrete plans to embark on had my initial plans don't push through. A few weeks to months back, all I see is a dark blur for my future. Imagine the horror it gave the li'l miss planner me.

Thank You Lord for the visions. That's all I really need right now.

I take that back. Well maybe I will also be needing these in the next coming days:
☑ New Hair-do
☑ New blog (yep, you heard that one right. In the next couple of weeks, my followers will get a personal email on my new blog ☺)
☑ More relaxing vacation
☑ More books to read
☑ Healing
☑ Acceptance
☑ New plane to take

All in all, the past couple of days has been wonderful and amazing. Thank you, Bicol. ♥
Taken from the amazing Bulusan Lake. And yes,
the whole while I was there, I can't help
but think of our travel plans.


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