Oo nga, anong meron sa tweet mo?

What tweet? The PI thing or all my other thoughtless tweets?XD

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awww thanks edz ha?? nagddrama lang kasi.. im havings self pity. shet. and u, what's with your tweet??

Awwww. Bakit naman, Gia? :( Hm, wala un. Isang inappropriate reaction lang sa isang bagay. :D

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What does it feel to be just an OPTION by someone else??

It helluvasucks.

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So I'm planning to movie marathon myself after the holidays. What movie can you recommend? :)

I'm also marathoning (haha wattaword) this holiday season and I happen to come across these two old film: It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. Both good. :))

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am i worthy to be loved?

Haha onaman! Bakit naman hindi, Gianna marie? :D

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Remember, remember the 12th of December :D

My NMAT result online. Results were blurred for the convenience of the reader.
I do not want to come off as the biggest boaster. :D
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yes, this is another blog entry that I believe needs to be started off with a shriek. :D

Remember last Dec. 12, 2010, I took the NMAT or National Medical Admission Test? And if you do, you might as well remember also that I had a hard time on the exam not because I'm boplax (street term for dumb in Tagalog) or something, but, I believe that if I had taken that exam a few years back (as in 4-5 years back), I know I would've aced it simply because the questions asked were from high school years. Any incoming freshman college or 3rd year highschooler wouldn't have a hard time in it. And since, I'm a year away from undergraduate studies already, yes, I did had a difficult time.

I actually remember answering the first half of the exam easy-breezily. It was a whole day exam, so I guess the easier parts were placed on the morning to give the examinees enough confidence that they are doing well - and uhm, intelligent. Well, that's what happened to me, at least. During lunch break, I remember laughing with my sis (orgmate) about the exam and we were kind of predicting how the afternoon exams will turn out for us. We were both laughing it off because we were not able to fully prepare for it. And we already knew that somehow, the questions will be super basic as in highschool basic, as in something-you-already-forgot-basic. And whoala! Upon receiving the test booklets, we were both right. The questions were indeed basics of basics.

Deep-down-in-my-bones-honest, I really had a hard time with that exam. I was merely browsing one question to another and not even thinking most of the time. Because, I really cannot remember most of the questions there, let alone, answers. I even finished an hour and a half early and was wishing the whole time to be just done with the whole of it so I can drag my butt home and just wait for the results 10 days after. In my mind, I was already bargaining for just a 60% result. Because you see, it isn't computed that easy - results are in Percentile (can't quite grasp what a Percentile is? Just please browse through your Stat lectures, it is difficult to explain). But in my heart I knew that I'll be getting 45%  or lower because of all the stated reasons and I can just count in one hand's fingers my sure answers per test area. So yes, I was kind of glum that day. And got glummer when I went out of the testing room - kids were everywhere and thrilled about the exam. Imagine, there was me, who barely thought through the whole thing and there were lots of 'em, talking about their answers, sharing formulas, and what-have-you's about the exam. Thus, my irritation was magnified 10 times, resulting to my sole blog post for that day. I went home thinking, Medicine School is really not for me.

And then this day came! Checking the exam results did not occur to me if Sam hasn't asked me about it. The examiner told us that results will be available online on the 24th so I was not really expecting it today at all. And tadaaaaaaaaaah! I was surprised with it. Words can't just express how happy I am today. Merry Christmas to me indeed! :D

This might come off as bragging or boasting, or any sort of that kind, but honestly, this really isn't. This is just a sheer manifestation of my utter glee and joy upon seeing the results. So please, just bear with me. ☺

What would you like to give this Christmas? :)

I love giving people things they can use the whole year round. Like a planner or an accessory, maybe.

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If you'e going to give me a Christmas present, what would that be? xD

All sorts of TEAs. hahaha Ang adik mo lang sa tsaa eh.XD

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How do you know when to end a friendship?

Sorry, but I just don't believe a friendship can be ended once it has been started.

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I can't quite remember what my day was like yesterday. All I remember was, I got surrounded by geeky awkward boys trying to be cool by showing off their wheels (which by the way does not reduce the fact that they are total losers), screaming girls, and all sorts of people with confidence way bigger than their heads - or bodies. 
Getting irritated this much with youngsters comes with aging? Well yes, maybe I am getting old. Haha Hindi ko na nga ata napansing nag-exam pala ako. Haha 

Do guys get intimidated to women who are achievers?

From what I've observed, yes, I do think so. It's a machismo and guy-pride thing.

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What is your impression to girls who never had a bf?

None. I don't think having a boyfriend is one good basis to judge a person. That's actually pathetic.

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if someone is flirting with you, what would be the best way to respond?

It actually depends on one's current relationship status and the likability of the guy.

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A Filipino first :)

This will have to be a first time for me - writing about sports (well, football, for that matter). I have grown up to be a sporty girl but Football is just not one of the sports I was exposed to,growing up. Although, my two brothers are Football players, I never had a chance to be on any of their games. Haha! And last Wednesday was a first for me to have to watch it (and yes, that includes me asking a lot of questions to my youngest brother as to the rules, and what's already happening on the game☺).  

Just last Dec. 5, 2010, The Philippine Football Team (named Azkals - a term used for Philippines' stray dogs), were all over the news. They were able to beat the current reigning champion of the AFF Suzuki Cup. And for a team that has always received belittling from all its competitors, this has really been a wonderful achievement - a massive one, even. 

One of the players' defining moment after Phil  Younghusband scored a goal
And I, as one of the instant fans of these guys - not to mention football - am, celebrating with their victory. Mabuhay, Azkals! You have undoubtedly brought pride and honor to our country. Whatever the results of the Semis this coming Thursday, all my praises are yours! :)

Dying to see their game because of a. You're a football fan, b. You're an Azkals fan c. Just riding with the flow or d. Just heck curious? Well, here you go! It's just one click away. :)

THE RP FOOTBALL TEAM STATEMENT: (gist) we have not received a... on Twitpic

THE RP FOOTBALL TEAM STATEMENT: (gist) we have not received a... on Twitpic

On blog hiatus

... well, not really. Haha 

I've just been overly lazy these past few days. 

I know, I know it isn't the best time to be so, but I don't know, I just am fully embracing doing nothing these days (even if I have to do tons of things, in actual). So, for lacking any more things to say, here are the things I spent more time thinking about than actually doing:

  • Having a haircut. I know I've been meaning to have one for the longest time because I'm already tiring of this hair BUT I just can't seem to do so. Not that I don't have enough money to have a decent one at my favorite salon, I just can't seem to move this butt to the mall. 
  • Giving the gym a visit. Well, I have ALL the means to have a work-out (not to mention, ALL reasons), but I just can't seem to go and give myself some exercise. I've been regularly (or, daily, that is) killing myself of ridicule because of my noticeable weight-gain, but I still can't manage to go and visit the nearest gym. In fact, I've been dreaming of Swimming, Pilates and all sorts of work-out sessions that I'll probably enjoy but alas, up til now, they're still lurking in my imaginations. Not that I want to be paper thin, nah-uh. One can never see me in that disposition, it's just that, I know that I've been sulking in this unhealthy lifestyle since I stopped working - sweets here and there, salty and greasy foods, less and less fiber from fruits and veggies, and the biggest culprit of all: HAVING NOT MUCH PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (other than to move around the house, watch TV, surf the net and sleep, that is). And to think, I'm a Nutritionist-Dietitian by profession? Hahaha Yes, I am not walking the walk. But believe me, awhile ago, I have promised to hit the gym tomorrow. I know it'll cost me a little body ache here and there considering I haven't had some exercise for the longest time, but I have to do it - not for that sexy body, but to just be healthy. After all, my body is used to rigorous daily training (Ah, High School life, why do you have to leave me?@.@)
  • Studying for NMAT. I knoooooow. This must be the most unforgivable sin I have committed lately, but I just can't have the drive to do so especially with all the temptations in the world (and for having no self-control)! Gah! I promise, I will really study for real tomorrow. I have no choice but to study. The exam's this Sunday already so I have like 5 days to prepare for it. Gosh, I can just feel the nerves already.

I know I have a problem - laziness. Hahaha. I will figure out how to get that inner drive again. And I promised myself to be up and about again after my exam. Maybe I'm just being overly bothered by the thought of it, I don't know. Basta all I know for now is, the rest of my plans for the coming days are set forth after Dec.12th. Haha So for now, I'll be embracing more of this relaxation.☺

So there, persecute me if you want to, but I cannot take back all those time wasted. I know I'll be regretting this sooner or later, but I guess all I'm left with right now is to do something about it - and  that's what I'm planning to do tomorrow. 

Out of the blue: I still really really, as in badly want THAT cam. Argh. Aside from dealing with this laziness issue, I still have to battle my way out of poorness. Hahaha So, in short, I have to really meet my set goals for this month to be able to have that buy next month. Wishie-wishie-wish-wish-wish!:D (Oh and yeah, I got new glasses na! Yehey! No more difficult movie-theatre-watching!XD)

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