A prayer for a loyal friend

Dear Lord,

I know it's supposed to be Your week and we are to honor Your memory in every way possible, but please hear me out. I know I should be the one making sacrifices instead of asking You for things but I really hope You could give me this one. She has been in our house for as long as I can remember; she has been the most well-behaved dog we had. She has been matakaw ever since but please don't let this be her punishment. Upon arriving home last weekend I learned that she has been sick and stopped eating. The other day, my brother found lumps on her belly and she can barely walk. Until today, actually, she can barely stand. I can't take the fact that all I can do is look at her suffering. This morning, I took the two other dogs for their daily walk and she didn't even bark. Usually, she'd run at the gate and bark until I return and walk her. Don't get me wrong, she is well-behaved and I love it every time I walk her, but You see, she's the biggest dog we have and I can't walk her alongside the two other naughty dogs. She has always been poised and don't stop for bladder breaks and sniffing. She just enjoys the exercise and being with me. And today, the best she was able to do was stand and walk a few meters from her dog house and wait for our return. What's worse, the lumps on her body oozed pus and blood out of it. She still hasn't eaten much until now. She just drank water the whole day and I can see the labor out of each breath. We have been trying to contact her vet but he seems to be on a vacation. We tried taking her to the nearest pet hospital but it's closed until tomorrow. Please Lord, save this gentle giant of ours. She is more than a pet. She has been family all these years. Please don't let her die without even giving us the opportunity to do something for her. After all her loyalty, service and love, she deserves that and more. This I ask, in Your name, Amen.

Too lost for a title

The gravity of the situation's just starting to sink in. How could I have let this happen? I have allowed myself to be so down and depressed to the point where I have taken away my own future. Never have I been this uncertain in my life before. If worse comes to worst, do hear that I WILL BECOME A DOCTOR - NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.


And I say, let's grab the 'NOW' because the future's become more uncertain and today's all we have left.

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