Just when I really need to get things done...

...I don't.

I have come to realize that all I ever did this vacation was eat, sleep, watch tv series, eat again and eat some more. As if my body still need that extra pound. I have sworn like 3 days in a row now to jog but all I actually ever do is wake up when the alarm goes berserk, solve the simple math puzzle (I initially placed with it to keep me from falling back to sleep), and whoala, back to slumber again. Sometimes it amazes me how talented I am at sleeping. It's annoying too, that I've always loved math. There should be like tagalog verses or puzzles there. A good example would be differentiating tagalog parts of sentences from others (i.e. differentiate panag-uri, pang-angkop, pangatnig, etc). That I'm sure will keep my mind twisted for hours before I solve it and won't be able to sleep again.

Oh and yeah, I still even googled that pang-angkop and pangatnig. Haha

Ha-ha-happy Holidays! Part I


For some unknown reason, I'm feeling extra happy today that I just might end up being extra productive. To start the day, I was singing before I even opened my eyes to greet the morning sun. Then, I ate vegetables for breakfast and headed out to walk our three cutie doggies. And right now, I'm not writing a sulking blog post while listening to Maroon5, Bridgit Mendler and Bruno Mars. I can do this forever! Ha! I never thought that feeling great need not a particular reason. The holiday spirit must be getting into me. Cheers to happier days, everyone! MAY YOU ALL HAVE A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR (I can no longer greet you a merry Christmas since it's already finished. Haha) :)

Baliw-baliwan mode in the morning ☺ ♥

P.S. I've had a lot of adventures these past couple of days and I just might post some photos and blog entries for you guys to enjoy. Ciao for now! :)


It's Christmas Eve and I'm still confused, heartbroken and dysfunctional. Whoever gave everybody the idea that I'm THAT strong? Do guide me please through this labyrinth because I'm tired of groping my way alone.


I went to the supermarket today and remembered our KDocs days. Just a few weeks back, I remember myself planning on having weekly grocery trips with you. "Very soon," I thought, "soon enough you'll get to have moments like that again. Just a little more patience."

I cooked lunch for two days in a row now. I remembered how you've always wanted to have me cook. I remembered the joy cooking brings you as well. I remember your sinigang, adobo and ubod all too well. You would've been proud that I find cooking enjoyable now. You would've been proud to taste the pink salmon and cordon bleu I made. I'm sure you would've.

I saw an old picture of us together. It now seemed like a distant past, vaguely remembered, but brings back happy memories just the same. We were happy together. That I'm sure of. People envied what we had - wanted and prayed for it, even. And now, all that remains are blurred pain and fuzzy lines. We could've gone too far. We could've heard those bells ringing for us. We could've had that white day, filled with friends, family and love. We could've ridden that white horse to eternity.

As I lay in bed tonight, I can't help but wonder how you've been. I guess on my part, I'm holding up pretty much fine - better than what I'm expecting, but still generally not okáy. I can't help but wonder what goes on in that marvelous brain of yours. Deciphering it used to be a challenge for myself, way back. You used to be that sole person I cannot manipulate. It's funny, but that's what made me interested in you initially. And now, I can't help but think what is left of whatever we had. I guess I still cannot bear the thought of having to move past you - having to walk alone in another path.

Everywhere I look in this wee little world of mine, there seems to be a reminder of you and who you used to be. Starting a whole new world without you is close to impossible right now but wherever this leads, hopefully, I get to be happier in the end. I have now come into terms with the fact that I can never ever forget you. That, my dear is really impossible. It's like asking me to remember somebody I haven't even met. I guess for now what I have to learn is how to dissociate you from every happy detail, circumstance, situation, what-have-you in my life. Because right now, not having you beside me isn't empty at all - it's just sad, sadness in its entirety.

Badiday's Night Out

I kind of have a girl group way back in College - not the singing dancing sort of girl group, as one would know. Haha But a girl support group, as I would like to say. Though I'm literally the only one with a different course than them, they have embraced and accepted me as if I'm no different. I honestly can't remember how it all started, but I remember the coffee sessions with endless chats we had. One of the highlights of my undergrad years, I must say. These girls have definitely completed me. It's one thing to have inuman buddies, but having the comforts and understanding of women is another thing. It's just incomparable. I'm pretty lucky to have them in my life.

Although right now, it's almost impossible to merge our scheds, from time to time we do get together and still have those conversations where we left off (of course over coffee). After more than a year of being apart, last night, we happen to meet-up again. Although it was only the three of us, it was still fun. I can't quite put into words how happy I was last night. The wise words they have given me, the very insightful details they can provide a person with is just priceless. I just feel so blessed to have them in my life. Thank God for beautiful and intelligent friends!

Had dinner at Pepper Lunch because Gretchen Marie was THAT hungry :D

Ibedon and her planner. Yey you! :)

Awwww. Who wouldn't be swept away with that pretty smile? :)

That obligatory coffee shop pose with the girls. <3

Thanks for last night, girls!I can't reiterate more how fun that was. I really had a great time.
Sorry Grekka for this shot pero ang ganda namin dito eh. Hahahaha :D

Oo nga pala...

...minsan sa buhay natin,
sabay nating tiningala ang mga tala

This week...

Let's start the first week of my favorite holiday of the year with tons of meet-ups and being surrounded by adorable people. I couldn't be any more happier with how things turned up on the first week of the last month of the year (tongue twister much? Haha). More blessings and wonderful people for the years to come, please? 😊

Thank you

Because life goes on and this video reminded me of being thankful for a lot of things, most especially the wonderful people around me. Problems may come and go, but the goodness in people will always remain. I still have not lost that faith in people - I am still a believer.

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