Ano'ng pinaka-effective na Iwas-Baha Technique/s mo?

Ano'ng pinaka-effective na Iwas-Baha Technique/s mo?

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All's well that ends so-so well

Life has a funny way in giving us what we want. It has its own timing and twists to get the story more interesting. You know a funnier thing? Talking about life as if it's whole other person just around the corner. Haha sorry. I just don't know the proper term to coin it since I don't want to sound preachy, tackling about God; or dreamy by talking about destiny. So yes, let's talk about life. After all, it's what this blog's about.

Going back, yes, life is indeed at times funny, always unpredictable and sometimes cruel. Just a few weeks back, I was crying my eyes out, self-analyzing and crushed. Honestly, it was such a huge blow to have a rejection that massive. It was a first for me. Though I haven't recovered fully from that one yet, here I am, trying to suck all there is left to try and hold my head up high (but not too high to forget the ground I'm stepping at).

Maybe this is life's way of teaching me to be patient and maintain my cool whatever situation I find myself at. It's a tough one to learn, I know, but at least in the end, Life and I both got what we want from each other (or I did, at least. Haha).

Try to read between the lines.
P.S. This song completes my morning ritual every single day. It just uplifts my spirit every time I hear it. I just don't know how it's related with this post, indirectly, maybe? HAHA

P.P.S. Which reminds me, I should be reading Guyton right now. Ta-tah!

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