Meet my Cousin - Joy! ☺♥☺

For the first time in more than a year, I finally have a dorm buddy in La Manile! :)

Photo edited by Joy :))
Ito nga pala si Joy ang aking Ka-sin...

...sama kumain
...sabay mag-aral
...sabay mag-almusal
...samang mag-grocery
...sabay pumasok
...sama magpuntang bakery
...sama sa puyatan
...sabay mag-dinner
...text pag wala sa dorm
...usap pag free time
...tawanan everyday
...sama mag-sound trip
...tulad sa pagka-adik sa pictures
...sabay pag-uwi every saturday
...ramay pag stressful ang araw ♥ 
Dahil sa kanya, ang buhay ay mas masaya kahit nasa nakakastress na Maynila. =)

From flood to glad ♥

This day marks the worst flood I have so far experienced in Manila - it's as if my eyes were actually wading the flood - there was just water everywhere I looked. Yes, it's shocking, but most of all, kadiri. 

I came to class without sleep (the reason will be discussed at a later blog post as I want this to be my week's highlight) and still ever hopeful that things will turn out better despite the irritation that's already welling up inside me. And you know what, despite the fact that for the first time, I crossed Manila's flood water, almost got stranded while going home; and all the hassle this typhoon/LPA brings, I'm still amazed as to how this day turned out to be.
Photo courtesy of Yen. :))

5 total strangers offered and gave me help without second thought. I didn't expect that there are still a lot of amazingly wonderful people remaining in Manila. Everyday, I'm exposed to perverts, self-centered, egocentric, and materialistic people - helping is at the bottom of their list, if not none at all. Thank you random stranger #1 for helping me cross City hall just so I won't get immersed in flood water; stranger #2 for being a great barker and finding a big stone for me just so I can ride the jeepney to school without having to immerse my feet in the water; stranger #3 for being the best jeepney driver ever by really stopping over at PLM's entrance so we (your passengers) won't have to walk by the flood just to get to school; stranger #4 for fetching me a cab when I got stranded - without you, I wouldn't really have gone home; stranger #5 for being a kind driver and not asking for too much money in return of your services. Again, I am more indebted to you all. Thank you and may God bless you and your family more today and the days to come. :)

This July: Don't you worry...♥

...because even if life offers problems difficult to handle than it seem;
...because even if sometimes we rarely find time to be at peace even with our own selves;
...because even if we encounter people highly different from ourselves;
...because even if stressors in life are everywhere;
...because even if delegated tasks are more than what your two hands can bear;
...because even if we don't get to have everything in life;
...because even if we don't get to be always with the people we love;
...because even if we don't always get what we want;
...because even if it's too difficult to be thankful and grateful for blessings;
...because even if life places you in roads where optimism is too difficult to find;
...because even if we often fail;
...because even if others look down on us;
...because even if frustrations get the best of us;
...and because even if no one understands exactly the difficult shit we're at... Bob Marley puts it, "every little thing's gonna be alright"
...and because you're the only one with the capability to actually ruin or make your day. ♥

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