What's the most fun thing you have going on this week?

The boyfriend and I's 5th anniversary! :)

Know me more. All you have to do is ask :)


Oh well. Talo ko pa ang broken-hearted. Buti sana kung busted ako, hiniwalayan ng boypren, inaway ng mga kaibigan, wala nang kaibigan, itinakwil ng mga magulang, tipong condemned by society na talaga ang drama; pero hindi. Ni isa walang nangyari sa'kin diyan. Buti sana kung choose the best answer diyan at all of the above pero hindi pa rin. Hindi yun yon.

Ang kaso kasi, nag-aral ako. Nag-aral akong mabuti. Halos iyon na lang ang subject ko. Hindi ko na talaga pinapakelaman pa ang iba pero ano nangyari? Wala pa rin. Bagsak. Hindi lang bagsak, lagapak. P@*$(*&#! Feeling ko ako ang pinakamababa. Kahit na feeling lang yun at wala naman talagang basehan kundi ang pagpapalungkot lalo sa sarili, eh hindi pa rin maganda sa pakiramdam. Hindi pa rin magandang may "feeling" kang ganun kahit feeling lang talaga yun. Ang saklap. Gusto kong maiyak kanina. Ganun ba ako kabobo? P*@&#&^@&$! Hindi ko matanggap. Hindi ko talaga inexpect sa totoo lang. Ayun, yun siguro yun. Sa lahat naman ng bagay, mapa-relasyon man o hindi, ang pinakamahirap sa lahat ay yung pinapaasa at umaasa. Shemay. Ang sakit sa heart and soul. Kumikirot eh. Buti sana kung emotions ko lang. tagos pati sa ego ko.

Hindi pwede to. Hindi maaari. Kulang pa. Ibig sabihin kahit feeling ko naguumapaw na, kulang pa rin. Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang. Ganun. Feeling mo magaling ka pero hindi pala. Shit. Babawi ako. PROMISE TO GOD AND MY COUNTRY. Punyemas.

One hell week down!

It's been one of a looooong week. This time last week, I honestly wasn't so sure if I'd be able to check everything on my 'to-do list'. It was that overwhelmingly busy. But here I am today, wasting half of my Saturday as if I keep time as a pet. Haha

Anyway, since it was the very first hell week for this school year, I really wanted to somehow immortalize the week that was. Sooooo, here goes.

It was heartbreaking, annoying, irritating, tiring, saturating, mind-contorting week, but all in all I learned A LOT. 


BIOCHEMISTRY: It's not enough to learn, understand and know by heart the concepts of the topics included in the exam.  READ HARPER'S BIOCHEMISTRY book. 
This I swear was the most heart-breaking of all. 
I really studied and prepared for this exam
but did not do well on it just because I did not read the said book. 
I  noticed almost verbatim
from it. KAINIS. The most difficult part to accept is, 
I might fail this subject's first long quiz. Sheesh.

GROSS ANATOMY: Erasures are allowed on the practical exam. HAHA This is what students who don't pay attention get. 
I would have aced it had it not  been for 
a stupid and careless mistake.
Next time, listen to EVERYTHING the prof says, 
no matter how sleepy you are! Haha 
I personally think that this has been the highlight of the week. 
The exam was easy and all of us were smiling afterwards.:)

NEUROANATOMY: Read in advance. Read previous lectures.

I take all the blame if I get a low score on this exam. 
I honestly did not prepare for it.
It was a stupid move I know; 
to think that the exam was easy! 
Sayang lang. Since I did not study, 
I didn't know where to get the answers. HAHA
Oh well, next time, Neuroana shouldn't be  taken for granted. 
I have to make-up for the next one. :)

PHYSIOLOGY: Nothing beats preparation!
It was a difficult exam in the sense that 
you really have to analyze EVERYTHING.
It was a synthesis of all the topics discussed 
and questions don't just dwell on one particular topic.  
Though I know I won't score that too well, 
I was happy with it. It was an intelligently-made exam.
I appreciate the hard-work the professors have put on it. :)

So, that says it all. It'll be better next time, I promise. I'm just happy that somehow I'm already coping. MedSchool isn't just another step, a new mileage in the game; it's a whole new lifestyle. :)

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