A Filipino first :)

This will have to be a first time for me - writing about sports (well, football, for that matter). I have grown up to be a sporty girl but Football is just not one of the sports I was exposed to,growing up. Although, my two brothers are Football players, I never had a chance to be on any of their games. Haha! And last Wednesday was a first for me to have to watch it (and yes, that includes me asking a lot of questions to my youngest brother as to the rules, and what's already happening on the game☺).  

Just last Dec. 5, 2010, The Philippine Football Team (named Azkals - a term used for Philippines' stray dogs), were all over the news. They were able to beat the current reigning champion of the AFF Suzuki Cup. And for a team that has always received belittling from all its competitors, this has really been a wonderful achievement - a massive one, even. 

One of the players' defining moment after Phil  Younghusband scored a goal
And I, as one of the instant fans of these guys - not to mention football - am, celebrating with their victory. Mabuhay, Azkals! You have undoubtedly brought pride and honor to our country. Whatever the results of the Semis this coming Thursday, all my praises are yours! :)

Dying to see their game because of a. You're a football fan, b. You're an Azkals fan c. Just riding with the flow or d. Just heck curious? Well, here you go! It's just one click away. :)


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