tra-la-la-la. what to do, what to do?

I'm loving the fact that I'm well rested now and can surf the net again, but, I don't feel real contented. I don't feel quite well. I can't seem to even entertain the thought that I'll be like this for quite a while. NO. This can't be happening. Thus, it's time for my first ever list. 

Since this day marks the start of me being bum again, it is but right to plan things ahead. Yes, you heard me. For the nth time, I'll be planning the things I ought to do with my overflowing free time. I'm not only hoping to accomplish all these, I'm actually expecting. Ha! Oh well, here goes.

1. Read,read, read.
  • Oh yes, I better get those brain cells going again. I feel like I have been completely deprived of reading for the longest time. It's a good thing I still have 2 books to keep me company for the time being. 
2. Exercise

  • And of course, I'm not planning to let the couch and computer to suck out all the youth in me. Oh please. I need to exercise to shred the excess fats. Yes. I have fats. Lots of 'em.
3. Watch tons of series
  • Just because I'm expecting to be a bummer for a looooooooong time. HAHA
4. Land a job
  • I better land a job fast. I need one. I need to save up for something. :)
5. Enjoy
  • Being a bum's not that bad. I just have to manage my time properly.

Ayaaaaaaaan. I do hope to check everything on this list after a month. :))

btw,found a new cutie on the block. Check him out. :D


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