Why hello again, Uniform!

Mukhang I'll be within white bounds again soon and by this time
I won't be just wearing it during laboratories.
Better prepare for that.
Been daydreaming too much ayan tuloy I haven't noticed how time was flying. Almost all schools offering Anatomy-Physiology and Genetics/Microbiology already closed their summer admissions - FEU, PCU, SLU. Been calling everywhere this morning while battling all the nervousness and blame down at the back of my head. I should've fixed this long ago.

Gosh. Buti na lang may PCHSI (kahit unknown siya at nabasa ko lang siya sa isang blog. Haha). I just have to rush, though. I have to go there tomorrow to inquire about their admission as classes start on monday. It's official. I'll be a Manila girl once more!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's good! Para mas madali tayo gumala. :)

PS: My lil sister's school is just near PCHSI, I think. Mga one (long) ride lang from the apartment. Meanwhile, my Ate had her freshman year at PCU. Hehe

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