Welcome, Edz!

Yey! Finally, a blogspot of my own. I've been lurking other sites for a couple of months now, thinking that "someday, not today, I'll have the reason to start blogging". And finally, that "someday" happens to be today! Yey!

Some time back, I've decided to have a blog only if I've already had the chance to travel. I told myself that my blog would serve as my log to all the beautiful places I'd get to visit.

Just last summer, my wonderful girlfriend and I planned a Palawan trip. I happened to be totally excited for that not only because it'll be my first leisure travel without my family but also because finally, I'd get to start a blog I've always longed for. Of course, as with all of my other plans, it was a flop. Summer came and passed, no Palawan, no blog. A lot of things happened (there was the board exam review, actual board exam, among others) and passed, still nothing. Until finally, just a few minutes ago, I suddenly felt an itch to write (or type, for that matter) again.

God has been most wonderful to me for the last few weeks. I passed the recent Nutritionist-Dietitian Licensure Exam with flying colors, and without actually looking for it, opportunity came knocking at my doorstep just when I least expected it to.

Just 2 weeks ago, I received wonderful news that I passed the board exam. It was a Friday.And exactly 2 fridays after, I received an email confirming that I'll be having my first ever job very soon. This might not be a big thrill to everyone since I was not able to get the position I was initially rooting for, but whatev! I just passed my freakin first ever interview and got a higher position! HAHA

When it rains, it definitely pours. I feel so blessed. I am blessed! :))

My long planned leisure travels may not yet be within arm's reach; Palawan may not be seeing the most of me any time soon; but, I know this day marks the first day of my newly chosen life. I know this will be one of the many firsts. This will be my first step as I pave my way to the top. I'm glad to have you, blogger, to celebrate my recent successes in life. Kudos to that! :))


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