Edz' Day Out

It wasn't actually a fun-filled one, but yes, I did went out today and visited a lot of places. HAHA Only if it was for leisure, I surely would have filled this post with shrieks, but no, it's not. And mind you, I only did it because it was required and wouldn't have done it if I had any option.
Initially, I was so clueless on where to go. But after a help of a few wonderful friends and acquaintances, I was able to process almost all of the requirements. Hoorah for me! To tell you the truth, this has been my first time to go places I've never been to without someone to accompany, guide, and fetch me. Hahaha. Such a baby. Anyway, I no longer will bore you with other stuff. So, here goes, here are my accomplishments for the day:

  • NBI Clearance 
    • I actually already processed this yesterday but because of the long line, I decided to go  back for it today. Turns out, it was a marvelous decision. I no longer needed to fall in line awhile ago and got cleared after like arriving there for 10 minutes. (Another hoorah for me!:D)
  • SSS No.
    • I almost lost hope yesterday when I found out that it can only be processed on designated places within your locality. I don't know where their office in Cavite is so imagine my fury. Haha. So, I went to the Cavite branch today and was shocked with the line - again. But the good news here is that, SSS was more efficient compared to NBI so after waiting for 20 minutes or so, I finally got mine. :)
  • Brgy Clearance
    • Just got it after like 5 minutes. And the best part here was, it's free! Yes, FREE! :D
  • Medical
    • Actually, I'm still not fully done with it yet. I still have to get my results this coming Saturday. So, I should muster all my convincing powers tomorrow to my supervisor. I hope my charms work.XD
Oh well, I'll just update you guys next time. Been a long day. I'm awfully tired. Here's my last treat for you. Tadaaaaaaaaaaah! My envelope filled with my sweat for the day. Hahaha Ciao! :D


Anonymous said...

One good thing about having sorta influential parents (my Mom especially) is that I get to have this special treatment when processing important papers. Kakilala kasi ang mga heads ng ganto at ganyang office. Very bad, I know…but very convenient for me. Sometimes, being silly is nice. Hehehe

edzdeline said...

One main reason why I had a hard time is, my parents don't know where to process such requirements here at Cavite. Their offices were the one that processed theirs. Ayun. Imagine my dilemma, having to ask everything out. Good thing I'm done with it all.@.@

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