Rants 002: Backtrack

Things will always remain difficult if not everyone’s doing their part.

I actually am proud of my first job. The experience is great, the job title is cool, and the pay is okay. During the training, I honestly thought that I will be able to do all my tasks. It won’t be a problem since I’m used to juggling and fitting my tasks on a hectic schedule – I have PGH to thank for that. I never got into thinking that this job wouldn’t be as great as I thought it would be if my teammates wouldn’t be doing theirs. It’s a pain in the ass, really – LITERALLY.

I know something was already off during the training. I knew well enough that most of my coordinators are far from all the expectations everyone has. We had our demo until 8pm as proof for that. But I shrugged it off. I thought that they learned A LOT from all the comments and critiques they got and they’ll eventually apply it on their respective jobs. I was wrong.
I have never been this frustrated with other people before. I’m used to making my way through a world with a lot of people better than me. I’m used to dealing with people who knows what they want and their way on things. I’m used to working with people who don’t need a litany of answers for simple tasks. I’m used to being with people who understand the instruction before they actually even finish reading the sentence. Don’t get me wrong, can deal with the masses, I know how to adjust when the situation calls for it. How can you not feel the way I’m feeling when the people I’m talking about are the ones within your league; professionals as you are and had almost the same undergraduate experiences as you did? I won’t ever tire of repeating it – IT’S FRUSTRATING.

I have already done my part, constantly reminding what to accomplish and what to do. Even the simplest details, I make sure to relay just so everything will be clear. Why is it ever difficult to do the things you know you should be doing, in the first place? Is it really that hard to understand that you have to type and send me a soft copy through email and NOT scan it, but you scan it anyway? For a week now, I have been trying to decipher what the root cause of all this mess is. I was only able to come up with one –LISTENING. Yes, they never listen. Hearing can never the same as listening – it is not one and the same. If I can just make them listen to me even for awhile; if they’ll just let themselves listen carefully on what is being said, then maybe, reminders won’t be necessary. Jobs will be a pound easier and I’ll be happier.

So yeah, wait for me there. I’ll be coming within this week, and I’ll deal with you head on. You haven’t seen what anger really means, not yet. 

"And I know I'll be telling myself time and again that this will only be just for a month, just for a month"


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