Rants 001: Who needs help?

I'm going ballistic right now. Literally. Simple tasks become complicated when there's no one to guide you through it. Demmit. Even the internet's not helping. I swear, I won't go home this afternoon without a single requirement at hand. Grrr!

"All commend patience, but none can endure to suffer."
~Thomas Fuller


Anonymous said...

Hey, Edz! Chill lang. :)
Anyway, kaya mo yan. Congrats nga pala...ulit! Hehehe

And hey, you can also have your vacation here aside from Palawan. We do have beaches also. Miss you! :D

edzdeline said...

Yehey, yehey, yehey! I def'ly will! :))
Since summer, gretchen marie and I have been looking for a great summer destination. Dahil diyan, here I come, Visayas!XD

Anonymous said...

Mali ka naman eh, nasa Mindanao ako eh. Hahaha

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