A nudge from the past

I was fixing my bookshelf and I came across a lot of things from my teeny-bopper younger self. Haha well, one was this piece of paper from my favorite subject back in freshman year. 

Among the many activities SocSci1 has was this - our favorite thing in the world. And yes, since as long as I can remember, I've been loving the sky and clouds. I grew up looking at it; fell in love underneath it; and dreamt of lovely days. It has never failed to give me the calm I need in whatever situation I find myself at. Many skies, clouds, moons and stars later, seeing my favorite thing in the world again gave me a smile. And yes, a lot of memories as well. 

Looking back, I can't believe how this specific course has shaped my whole perspective. I have learned a lot about the society I was at. I was able to understand a lot of incomprehensible things that my high school self either didn't bother to think of or was totally ignorant of. I had a better understanding of the world with a set of keen eyes. That was the point where I first acknowledged the idea that it is really possible to fall in love with learning.

I remember fairly well one time at this same class, our professor, out of the blue, asked us what is currently running through our minds - just this one specific thing that we are thinking at that particular point in time. Of course most of my classmates gave bullshit answers like, assignments, getting high grades, their dreams, future careers; thinking giving out beauty-queen-like answers will make them look so cool and intelligent. When the question finally landed my spot, I answered truthfully. "So Edz, what are you currently  thinking?" My professor asked. A few seconds later, "A song," was the shortest and simplest answer I gave her. And she wasn't able to help herself and smiled. 

A few weeks after, the semester finally ended. When I finally got my class card, I was so happy to receive my first ever flat uno. But bidding my first year goodbye wasn't the best part of that. I happily stepped unto the next step with the youthful promise of endless possibilities, of dreams within arms' reach and a broader view of the world. I haven't been able to do this before but, I really would like to thank Ms. Briones for teaching me and opening my eyes. SocSci1 didn't feel like just a course I had to complete and pass then; it became a ground for change and provided me with values my character still holds on dearly until this very day.


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