A is for A-L-L-E-R-G-Y

It's 2 in the morning, raining hard and I should still be snuggling in bed right now, but no. There's this itch I just can't help scratching - LITERALLY. So apparently, the allergy got into me again. This time it was a one hit K.O. I have big as in BIIIIIG rashes all over my body. Eeeeew! I know. And they're all mighty itchy as in big time ITCHY as in it-got-me-out-of-bed-showering-in-the-dawn-itchy. That's how itchy it really is.
The last time I've had an allergy attack like this (or worse) was when I was in my preschool years. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and feel disgust as I see my monster-like face filled with big rashes (even bigger than the ones I have now). So yeah,  I've always been a girl allergic to things and by that I mean, Tempra - you know, the Paracetamol thing, cherry-flavored? Ring a bell? Maybe that's most of the reason why I can't seem to eat cherries or cherry-flavored food for that matter, because it tastes like Tempra. Anyway, come teen years, the allergy became different, now attacks come from dust. Come college time, it worsened and attacks came from all sorts of things - strong odors, smoke (cigarette and car smoke), plastic, rubber, zonrox, Surf, Tide, and of course, dust. Allergic Rhinitis, baby. I can pinpoint a whole lot from my family, actually with allergic rhinitis - all my brothers included.
Having an allergy is indeed hard. Oftentimes I don't think of it as such but right now, it's all I can ever think of. Gosh, I can't stop scratching myself and irritates the hell out of me. Please be gone now, I need to finish up a few things, and sleep as I won't be doing much of that anymore next week.


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